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    Websites - This website lists events from squats mostly around the European region of the world.
    Sleeping on Public Transit - Not directly squatting related, but this article describes how one person slept on public transit for an extended period of time.


    Nine-Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States| Hannah Dobbz | AK Press
    Re-frames American History through the lens of squatting and documents more recent squatting movements including that in Oakland.

    The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World | ed. Jerilou Hammett & Maggie Wrigley | University of New Mexico Press
    Includes essays that describe in detail certain projects, including the adverse possession projects of NYC's Lower Eastside.

    The City Is Ours: Squatting and Autonomous Movements in Europe from the 1970s to the Present | ED. BY BART VAN DER STEEN, ASK KATZEFF AND LEENDERT VAN HOOGENHUIJZE | PM PRESS

    Slingshot Articles by those within the squatting movement:

    Hobo Fires by robnoxious - from the Black Butte Museum's affiliated squatting culture.
    Dreams of Donuts by Heather Wreckage (blog) - this zine series documents her time in Hellarity, perhaps the most important of the Oakland Squats.

    Wilderness Survival

    Ready to beat the rat race and live in the woods rent-free? Or maybe you just want to know how to survive without modern conveniences? Check out this list of resources to learn everything you need to know.

    StP File Library, Wilderness Survival - This category of our file library has many, many books and other materials on the subject of wilderness survival.

    Prepper/Survivalist Ebook collection -
    Included digital books:
    • 52 Prepper Projects: A Project a Week to Help You Prepare for the Unpredictable
    • Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills
    • Dr. Prepper: Disaster Preparedness Guide to Home Remedies
    • Homesteading
    • Lost and Stranded: Expert Advice on How to Survive Being Alone in the Wilderness
    • Modern Survival
    • Nuclear War Survival Skills
    • Survival Retreats: A Prepper's Guide to Creating a Sustainable, Defendable Refuge
    • Survival: A Prepper's Guide to Life after the Crash
    • The Hurricane Preparedness Handbook
    • The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer
    • The Joy of Cheesemaking
    • The Joy of Home Distilling
    • The Joy of Smoking and Salt Curing
    • The Mini Farming Bible: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre
    • The Pocket Disaster Survival Guide
    • The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide: Treatment & Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies
    • The Pocket Guide to Prepper Knots
    • The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide: The Ultimate Guide for Short-Term Survival
    • The Self-Reliance Manifesto: Essential Outdoor Survival Skills
    • The Terrorism Survival Guide: 201 Travel Tips on How Not to Become a Victim
    • The U.S. Navy Seal Guide to Fitness and Nutrition
    • The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook
    • The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques
    • The Ultimate Sh*t Hits the Fan Survival Guide: How to Live Through Any Catastrophe
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