1. Matthias

    Anarcho Folk Festival 2018 (Netherlands)

    uhu that's right 3 months is enough time to find a way to get there somehow hmu if ur going or want to go City: Amsterdam Date: june 8-10 Lineup here: FB event:
  2. Primitive

    crust punk, anarcho-primitivism, & the nömad life.

    I think it would be a great idea to intertwine the three intersectionally, so i've done what little i can do at the moment and started a facebook group by that very same name, hopefully we can build somewhat of a community of like minded people there, share percpectives, good music, & stories. I...
  3. Vulture

    Squatters in need of an anthem?

    Hey, Fairly recently, Dick Lucas (Subhumans, Citizen Fish and Culture Shock vocalist) pointed me in the direction of the Autonomads, "music that says something? Autonomads uk anarchopolitical" It's a pretty clever mix of Ska, Dub and Anarcho-punk, plus Pixie, female vocalist (one of three...