1. Matt Derrick

    How to Travel with a Cat (incl. Flying with a Cat)

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    How do you travel with a cat on a plane? How do you take a cat on a road trip? How do you teach your cat to walk on a leash? My cat does all these activities on a regular basis and he behaves. If your cat is still a kitten, you’re in luck of making him a true adventure cat. Kittens can adapt...
  2. Sweets1


    My Mr. Sweets, He has rubber tramped (vocally protesting the whole way) and scratched the whole west coast. He loved living in Yelm W.A. He got lost for 2 weeks in Palm Desert. Born in Tucson hes 8 years old and super chill. He hates flying. Fawk you southwest air.
  3. D

    Complain about your pet here

    I get it. Everyone loves your dog/cat/rat, "he/she is the sweetest thing alive" they say. You know the truth, though. Your little lovely pet is a douchebag. Let's complain about the little assholes we love dearly here! I'll start: Cujo is such a fucking housie scum. He loves me so dearly when...