1. crow

    show us yer patch pants

    For lack of a better term, I call them patch pants. This is my fourth pair so they're not all broke in yet. They have a tendency to "disappear" Be that as it may, I love to see how other people attach the world to themselves! So show me gets n I'll show you mine :p Notice I've stitched in a...
  2. izzz

    I'm hitching the 101 from Crescent City to SF

    Hey everyone! Wondering if anyone has any suggestions... Or an extra seat in your vehicular. Or any suggestions on where to score some food? Places to crash? Anyone wanna meet? Love and respect
  3. WanderersEnd

    Wanderer's End Sanctuary

    If you possess the skills and manners that our community desires, then you will be given an invitation to apply for a membership in our group of families that are gathering now in locations nationwide. So here are a list of some of our desired traits for our members: Website technicians...
  4. Nelco

    Baby crust video

    In Crust Trust When my kid was 3 He's five now
  5. JuR

    Hello world

    hey! :) I'm Jure, from Slovenia (yes it's a fucking small country overseas), part of a squatting collective in my hometown and nomad by heart. Even though I'm being a good-boy-settled-down multimedia student, I go hitchhiking and tramping around the world every summer. I'm here mostly for...
  6. Nelco

    Sos call Sacred Stone in North Dakota
  7. crimmy

    new to the train kid life

    Hey guys my name is Caleb, but I go by goofyfoot because I got the gnarliest case of athletes foot you've ever seen. Ive been treating it for a while, but no luck. Anyway, I've only been on one train so far, but it was the best thing I've experienced in a long time. Hoping to meet more travelers...
  8. Riliya

    Queer or punk squats/coops/communes

    Anyone know of good queer punk squats, coops or communes in Cambridge ma, Boston ma, NYC, Portland or, or new orleans?
  9. Primitive

    crust punk, anarcho-primitivism, & the nömad life.

    I think it would be a great idea to intertwine the three intersectionally, so i've done what little i can do at the moment and started a facebook group by that very same name, hopefully we can build somewhat of a community of like minded people there, share percpectives, good music, & stories. I...
  10. Matt Derrick

    Some thoughts on crusty anarcho travelers

    News & Blogs written in a blog post by my friend Magpie Killjoy. You should check out his blog, he's a great anarchist writer. SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 MAGPIE 1 COMMENT Content Warning: misogynist violence It might be that the...