1. Kendra

    Nashville food bank/soup kitchen/dumpsters

    Hey y'all, I'm in "north" Nashville for a few weeks and am wondering where the good feeds/pantries/dumpsters are at. Dumpsters especially. Am discreet and will not blow up a spot. If you're down to show me, that's awesome, tell me about some places, that's awesome too.
  2. dubh

    Eating Trash (dumpstering phobias)

    So my background is a small town rural conservatism, where you don't get on welfare even if your starving, you resent handouts, etc. It took me forever to overcome my fear of eating out of the trash or dumpstering because of this cultural baggage. However, after I did overcome that fear it...
  3. D


    Long time, no post! I've been kicking it at the Slab City Library for a couple months after my crash-landing in Tucson following my exit from three years of commune life. It's been cool to match some real life faces to screen names on this site, and it has been a decent learning experience for...