first post

  1. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  2. ChiChi

    First Time Traveler W Dog

    Unfortunately after a year and 4 different cities in OK (3 that I've already lived in as a child), I've ended back in my old town in my old room and learned staying in one place is not for me. A really good friend of mine pointed me here after he bussed and hitchhiked himself around the country...
  3. kylethree8

    Starting my rubber tramp travels

    What's up StP. Been reading the forums for awhile before becoming a member, figured I'd join in on the fun. My names Kyle, I'm just starting out on the on the road with my less than perfect truck ( we'll see how far it takes me ha) done some short term travels but I plan to be out and...
  4. Mark Allen

    Yellowstoner - First Post!

    Good... morning? My name is Mark, I've been lurking for so long, but... now I'm finally a member. I've backpacked through mostly Colorado and California, as well as live in Yellowstone as a park employee every summer! Figured I'd introduce myself! Glad to finally be able to post!