1. Matt Derrick

    "Make America Freight Again" StP Patches / Stickers?

    One of our moderators, @Coywolf brought up a pretty good idea for a new sticker/patch: I like that idea a lot, but I wanted to do a poll to see if folks would be interested before I commit money to getting these printed. So vote in the poll!
  2. superphoenix

    My Second Catch Out (NJ/NY)

    My pack Technically, I've done smaller, more local short line runs before this, but in essence I've only had two "major" rides - Newark - Allentown, and now this one, North NJ to wherever. I could have gone as far west as Chicago, as far south as Florida, or nowhere at all if I was really...
  3. IMG_20190519_152631.jpg


    A storm is coming! Any german explorers / riders here? Message me 😁
  4. Rocky mountain fr8

    Rocky mountain fr8

    riding dirty grain near the spiral tunnels in BC
  5. izmonk

    The Recommended intro thread: Me edition

    Hello SP, I'll go by IZMO here, my tag, for anonymity (at least for now since I'm new). I discovered SP because I frequent CSX yards to bomb and also when I need a place to think or be alone. I found some old photos in a stationhouse of hobos riding and camping on boxcars, and in looking for...
  6. Toadandspur

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    I recently came across matt's book, the anarchists guide.. Got it from a friend named toasty. Toasted tramp on insta. Him and i both agree that the book overwhelmingly SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FUCKING PUBLISHED BECAUSE CERTAIN SECRETS ARE LEFT TO BE DISCOVERED AND NOT TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREELY, That...
  7. TrainingHoppers

    Education Vs. Travel?

    Alright, I need somewhere to kinda/sorta rant and don't know where to put this, so here we go. Short but Sweet: I'm living a pretty shit life right now. I don't want to sit here and talk about it for hours because than ya'll think I'm a stuck-up brat with nothing to do but rant to people who...
  8. threskiornis

    Train riding in New Zealand

    Hey I just arrived in new zealand and was wondering if anyone has any info on freight movements/yards/tt/rideables/etc I'm currently in auckland and have checked out the westfield yard but havent seen much of anything promising.
  9. Jone

    six ladies in a boxcar ♡

  10. OmFish

    Following tracks coast to coast

    Sup all! New to the site, joined cuz me and a mate are about to catch out soon and head west (we're in NY now, have been stationary for a while and I personally have seen enough concrete jungle to last a few years) We are thinking of trying our hand at hopping trains. Have lots of friends down...
  11. Lynn Rogan

    New to this community & looking for someone to travel with

    Hey there, I recently got back from riding freight starting in NY and working my way through the New England area. I fell in love with Vermont & will be traveling back between July 10-15th and the people I'm traveling with are coming back in August but I want to keep traveling and eventually...