1. ThreadsInNeedles

    Modifying the MSS gortex bivy for hammock camping

    I have a ton of ideas all the time of how to get around gear problems I encounter, or to just generally improve my current system that I dont see anywhere else on the internet. I intend to write guides for all of these in the near future. Problem is, writing these big long posts obviously...
  2. Pack Back

    Pack Back

    Headin back out again today!
  3. rando


    Been working in Montana for the winter so I could get some new gear. Finally the time came to go out gear hunting! We all know how rad it is to slip into a brand new sleeping bag or sling on a shiny new pack, but it feels even better when we get a good deal, right? In a pawn shop in Hamilton...
  4. John Wick

    Has anyone tried Teton brand packs/gear?

    I'm trying to assemble a bug out bag/ vagabond bag for myself. In the survival community, a bug out bag is a bag that supports a person surviving for 3 days when moving from a dangerous location to a safer location in an emergency. I have a mediocre bug out bag and would like to convert it to be...
  5. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Budget gear for a bike tour

    So, after many failed attempts at finding a reliable road dawg, I'm saying fuck it and hitting the road on my lonesome. This is greatly inspired by Gypsybones. Reading about his trips gets my blood flowing. After doing extensive research I've put together a budget setup for those broke asses...
  6. Childgoddess

    What's the best way to stash your shit outside?

    What's the best way to stash your shit outside? I don't have a lot of people's places to stash my shit at ( clothes, gear, personal hygiene, food), wondering how to do that safety without it getting wet or my stuff stolen. Thanks. :) (Sorry if a similar post as been posted, couldn't find it here. )
  7. Coywolf

    My winter gear setup/list

    Thought I'd share my winter gear setup, see what ya'll thought about it. I do realize it's alot more than most carry, but I'm used to it, and I use every piece of it. Gear List: Pack -Osprey Aether AG 70L -Osprey waterproof pack liner Shelter/sleeping: -OR Advanced Bivy -8x10' tarp...
  8. BenAxeMan

    Packing help

    Hey everyone, I made a packing list of things I want to/think I should take with me when I start train hopping and hitch hiking. I tried to think light but the more I thought the more I remembered something I temembered I should bring. I'm packing it all into a medium sized Alice pack with the...
  9. Will Wood

    10 longest rail trails. Stealth camping possibilities?

    Pulling off on a long cycling trail may have places for stealth camping? And connect you with a couple of urban settings.. ..
  10. Will Wood

    Knife or Multi tool, what do you carry on your belt, or in your pack?

    I've got a belt folding knife and some tools I've collected for various reasons in my back pack. I'd like to lose the weight and get a multi tool that is good enough. I'm thinking about a Stanley? It's cheep enough and good enough.? Not sure. Ideas??
  11. AaronOnTheRoad

    Gear you need for hitchhiking.

    Hitchhiking is fun and rewarding way of travel but you're going to need gear to hitchhike. So, I'm making a list for the new hitchhikers that wants to hitchhike, but has no idea what to pack. One more thing i need to express before i make this list. The gear i list is opinion based. Some gear...
  12. Will Wood

    Found a great deal..

    Have you found a good deal on kit, or have a good link for finding the stuff we can use?? I'll start. I found a down sleeping bag for 20 bucks, and a Kelty Yukon backpack for 10 bucks. The backpack is a bit small at 48 liters, but I'm going to make it work.. I'd upload pics, but the camera...
  13. BadBoBo

    Follow up for what I carried in my Jacket

    A few people liked the thread about the ScotteVest. So I will list all the things I carried in it and why. Also keep in mind. I carried all of this stuff and managed to keep the big pocket pretty much empty. LockPicks- Carried in the upper right breast pocket. These things helped so much and...
  14. blumerang

    Tent vs Hammock? Amry vs Hiking Backpack?

    Hey Everyone, was wondering if any of you had strong recommendations either way regarding both tents vs hammocks and army vs hiking backpacks? I'll be hitching/ridesharing and camping mostly. Will be hiking ALOT and plan on months of travel as I want to experience the Rockies. I've already...
  15. beginnavagabond

    Gear list

    I have my gear list up to date and I was wondering if you could tell me anything you see on my list you happened to throw away because you didn't need it, because it weighed down, or any other reason. Thank you. My plans are hitchhiking along with stealth camping and maybe working some short...
  16. PatchTwist

    Waterproofing Canvas Shoes and Boots

    I researched this method to waterproof shoes and boots, but I see no reason this couldn't work on any fabric/canvas gear. I think this makes things more water resistant than proof, but whatever works is what I say. In this example, let's use shoes. Get yourself some beeswax. You can find it...
  17. A

    If you had $1000 to spend on Gear...

    What would you buy? Or what adventure would you go on? Please don't say rent or drugs those are boring. I meant for this to be a fun post. If money were no object. So far I have Leatherman Wave Carvin Jack Go Pro MSS SLEEP System Team Gemini Light Brigade Gransfors Bruks Norse Axe Gold Nugget...
  18. Lial

    When you want good shit but you're poor

    There is this sweet website that I check every day that I have internet access called and they generally have super high end backpacking gear for really cheap, or sometimes still really expensive, but that's why you have to check daily because shit goes fast. I bought a $450...
  19. Richard174391

    cheap tools and items on amazon

    ok so currently i have 25 dollars in an amazon gift card. i am not travelling for quite some time but i feel like i might as well pick up some stuff so i dont end up scrambling a week before i want to go. what small items would i do good to get soon and not forget about from amazon? i was...
  20. trippyhippie13

    Looking for future travel buddies :)

    Hello I am interested in making friends and finding future travel buddies! I currently live in miami/South Florida and am planning a small trip to Texas this summer Within the next year or so I plan on hitchhiking cross country to California Any advice would be great as I am a total noob!
  21. D

    People have been suggesting camping

    Recently, I've been getting a lot more suggesting to camp out instead of looking for a squat. It turns out it's a lot safer and a lot more peaceful and private. Just like with squat, I have no sure appropriate gear, but I need to expand my options and way of thinking for the sake of my survival...
  22. tiltedkitten

    Best places to get free gear? Homeless help places etc that are well stocked

    I'm currently on the west coast in Oregon Washington area, but really anywhere is good to know about, I just feel like there ought to be some kind of resource list for getting sleeping bags, boots, coats, packs etc for free or really extremely cheap thrift stores around the country