1. Windwalker

    Craigslist, Homeless Shelters and below freezing temps

    Not long ago, on Dec. 30th 2019 I decided to bail out of the current living conditions I was under in south central ohio with no plan whatsoever except the experience of the past encoded in my bones. With all my trash packed tight in one bag, I hitched a ride from the sticks to a Microtel...
  2. jderek5

    Glad to be here.! Thank you.

    Glad to find the community. it's been awhile since I've been on the road, took a short detour that ended up being an extended stay. But it's all good, I needed to reconnect with friends & family after being on the road for 15 years. And so, I am looking at eliminating years of accumulation &...
  3. almostvicious

    From one squat to another through the countryside

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    I've lived in squats for the past two years. It's a way of living thats always been dear to my heart and has brought me a lot of friendships and experiences. I lived in one particular squat for almost a year, so last march I decided it was time to move. from here: to there: by foot. It...