1. Coywolf

    Lets lynch the landlord man

    An interesting and horrifying insight into how COVID could impact homelessness in the US by causing a mass wave of evictions. The evils of rent and housing costs might come to a head here in the next few months. Probably not. But maybe. Gotta love John Oliver:
  2. Windwalker

    Craigslist, Homeless Shelters and below freezing temps

    Not long ago, on Dec. 30th 2019 I decided to bail out of the current living conditions I was under in south central ohio with no plan whatsoever except the experience of the past encoded in my bones. With all my trash packed tight in one bag, I hitched a ride from the sticks to a Microtel...
  3. Coywolf

    The Mobile Home Conspiracy

    Holy Fucking Shit. I am posting this video to inform people, who would want to care, about how terrible the housing crisis is in this country. I ran across this John Oliver video on Bernie Sander's Facebook page. It explains how large corporations are buying mobile home parks, and jacking up...
  4. D

    Punkhouse un-parable

    So, I’ve tried to run a punkhouse. Unfortunately, we had people move in saying they were down with the culture and willing to participate in such an environment, and turned out to be selfish posers looking for cheap rent. They don’t want to clean up after themselves, do chores, an didn’t...
  5. D

    Back home and loving it!

    I 'm in my house after 3 months of traveling, and it's so good to be back with my friends and housemates! I'm facing the issue of having to be a part-time housemate, as I'm on the couch until my sublet leaves in May. I'm going to look for other places to stay, so they can have the living room...
  6. Antonia sandoval


    Hi! I'm new here! :D I'm 31 years old looking for a studio apartment for rent in or near Largo, St. Pete F.L. Currently living in Tampa but found a job in St. Pete and need to move ASAP because my only transportation is my bicycle. Also I will like to meet people in the area!
  7. James Maarsten

    EMERGENCY! Beijing evicts thousands! Get them to the "Ghost Cities"!

    Folks: the site wouldn't let me put this into 'Conversations' so I had to make it an article. Do any of you speak Chinese? Can you get past the Fire Wall? Yesterday, Xi Jingping, and the local officials just evicted thousands of poor, underskilled workers from their homes, under the excuse of...
  8. spikey ohara

    New Here: looking for a squat in mainland europe

    hey guys, im a 19 year old kid just out of school looking to grow as a person by exploring new environments and cultures before i begin college. i want to move out of Dublin as soon as possible, and am afraid to do so without a solid place to sleep in as im new to the scene. i would love to find...
  9. Daman45

    How can I squat without being killed, raped, murdered, or arrested?

    Hi, I am looking for a adventure. I am keeping my needs to transpiration, food, and shelter. Transportation is hitchhiking, rideshare, or public transient. Food supermarket, cooking, or leftovers from restaurant. But the thing that bugs me the most is shelter. I am planning to use friends...
  10. Matt Derrick

    $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home

    you can buy the plans for this trailer here: http://www.elkinsdiy.com/plans/