1. D

    Trapping, Fishing, Hunting

    So I try to trap as much as possible usually squirrels and or chipmunks. But I am sort of dappling in snares. Hard to make. I use 110's conibears. Used to use rat traps but they weaken. I am now getting into catching mice and processing them for my dog I believe. Read a lot about it. They fuck...
  2. Liras

    Greetings from an aspiring Hunter-Gatherer and anprim!

    Hello everyone! I'm Liras (my preffered name) from Szczyrk, Poland. I'm 18 and I've been through quite a bit of trouble in my life especially regarding the stupidity of school system... A prodigy programmer child betrayed and destroyed by the evil civilization. How romantic... :-) But you...
  3. TheWindAndRain

    Sabatoging hunters cruel games

    Anyone ever gone out to sabatoge hunts? People bowhunt even on the grounds of my university leaving dead deer parts anywhere. They only ever take the head and backstraps, and male deer never live longer than a couple years here. Likewise young deer here never have father figures around. These...
  4. D

    Breakdown Bow and Arrows

    anyone carried or thought on it? There is a few on amazon rated to 55 pound draw and breaks down to 16 inches. Feasible for a pack and not illegal as carrying a breakdown .22 or something. silent and easy to get away with. I used to shoot longbow all the time and miss the hell out of it. I enjoy...