intentional community

  1. D

    Taylor Camp 69-77'

    Does anyone know of any places that exist today like Taylor Camp in Hawaii from 69'-77'?
  2. D

    Hello, I'm Shadow.

    I used to lurk around these parts a long while back. Glad to have found it again. I've spent the last few years travelling through several intentional communities, ecovillages, and communes in America. It's been enlightening at times, while others have been a clusterfuck of stress. I'm...
  3. black

    Intentional Communities: What is your experience with putting Anarchism and Communalism into action?

    Have any of you have long-term or even just short-term experience with an intentional community? Did you follow a certain model of organization? Was anarchism, communism, or any far left ideas part of the equation? Were you in an urban setting? Suburban? Rural? Did you garden, farm, build...