1. TheWindAndRain

    If you purchase land with student loan money will they be able to take the property from you?

    If someone defaults on their student loan debt but they used the student loans to purchase land to live off, is anyone able to come in and take your land from you because of the debt? Are there certain ways to go about this to prevent your land being taken from you?
  2. hobbes

    consensus run open land.

    We are looking for radical revolutionarys, people who want to work with others to shift things in a positive way. You are welcome to join us. The Garden is a off grid consensus run land project in Tennessee that is being used to facilitate creating positive change.
  3. marmar

    Buying undeveloped land advice needed

    Not sure which forum to post at, but I'm looking to buy a cheap undeveloped piece of land for building an off grid cabin to live in. and if we have here anyone with experience of doing it, please share some tips? Where I'm looking, upstate ny, any undeveloped properties are all woods, so I'm...
  4. Matt Derrick

    These small towns are giving away plots of land for $10 or less

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    Looking for a vacation house? These small towns are giving away plots of land for $10-- or less! Is there any dream quite like the one where you finally buy a picture-perfect house in...