1. Matt Derrick

    StP community movie night?

    Seeking Help Suggestion 
    Hey folks, just curious if anyone would be interested in hosting/leading a community movie night, probably via our discord server once a week. Also, I'm creating a poll to see if this is something people would be interested in participating in. I would like to see this happen, whether it's...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Outdoor movie night! Travel films, music video karaoke and other fun stuff

    Hey folks, so I'm looking at getting a movie projector, along with a power source to do some movies and possibly other fun stuff at the Jamboree. I'm thinking a selection of travel films and possibly a music video collection people can sing along to if they want :) We can get a completely decent...
  3. meatcomputer

    Freak Movie Recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm surprised that a thread like this doesnt seem to exist. The last similar one was posted in 2009 so I thought id give it a shot. What are your favorite films/movies? Preferably of the traveling/nomad/dystopian variety but any will do. Ill go with. 964 pinocchio Brazil Hold...