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  1. Berky

    Hey there! New member here!

    I stumbled across this website and it's exactly what I'm looking for! I have been dreaming about train hopping and hitchhiking for a while but had a hard time finding (current) forums for it. Everyone around where I live that I tell about my future plans to do this shoots me down and tells me to...
  2. Liras

    Greetings from an aspiring Hunter-Gatherer and anprim!

    Hello everyone! I'm Liras (my preffered name) from Szczyrk, Poland. I'm 18 and I've been through quite a bit of trouble in my life especially regarding the stupidity of school system... A prodigy programmer child betrayed and destroyed by the evil civilization. How romantic... :-) But you...
  3. jordanjankow716

    hello brothers and sisters

    I'm new to this site. I want to formally introduce myself to everyone. I'm a free spirited, loving, caring, spirit. I'm moving to the west coast in a couple days to reconnect with nature and spiritually with myself. Any friends/acquaintances I can find/make I will greatly appreciate, remember...
  4. rowleyshelby

    Hey there!

    While searching the web for different sites to use to find travellers like myself wanting to head west, I found this lovely site. In general, me and my partner are stuck in Ohio (worst place to be stuck, mind you) and headed to California! Looking for people that may also be headed that way, or...
  5. littleblackbug

    Hey everyone

    I had a account on STP for a minute but I lost it so I'm starting all over. Housed for te kiddos, taking off this summer in my friends bus. Until she gets running, I'm just gonna grab what rides I can. Heading to NOLA this March and then to rock digs rest of the summer. Made it out of my heavy...
  6. AntifoundationalistGabe

    Hello from Bellingham

    Have couch if you are traveling. Looking to get out of here soon though, can't wait to meet everyone on this site. Fuck my job, my family, my life, I am so done with capitalism. <3 Gabe