1. Iowa Derailment 9-23-18.png

    Iowa Derailment 9-23-18.png

    Aerial shot of Union Pacific derailment, Sioux County 9-23-2018
  2. japanarchist

    “We’re Not Leaving”: Chicago Squatters Resist Eviction

    This statement published below comes from a group of squatters who have occupied a building owned by Barnett Capital, one of the driving forces of gentrification in Chicago. The squatters state that they are not leaving the building. As many of us are squeezed out by rising rents and real estate...
  3. William Howard 2

    Out of Action, Do protests work? Nathan Heller August 14, 2017 5:00 AM from The NewYorker

    Out of Action August 14 Skeptics suggest that “folk politics”—marches, protests, and the like—are a distraction from the challenges of real change. Illustration by Adam Maida That winter of 2003—you remember it, and so do I—the world assembled, arms linked, to protest the prospect of war in...
  4. William Howard 2

    "fake news" and the attack on free speech

    Since the election, we have become all too familiar with the story of so called "fake" news. But could this campaign to provide a healthier environment for knowledge hide a more sinister purpose? The Washington Post recently released a article about a conversation between then president Obama...
  5. William Howard 2

    Why shame is the most dominant feature of modern poverty

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    Why shame is the most dominant feature of modern poverty Jeremy Seabrook Poor people now seem to accept responsibility for what was previously seen as fate. And this is reinforced by the Tories’ welfare cuts View more sharing options Tuesday 30 September 2014 03.00 EDTLast modified on...