1. Matt Derrick

    Hitchhiking across Russia

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    saw this post on reddit's /r/vagabond today and thought it might be worth reposting here for anyone that was interested: Hitchhiking across Russia (self.vagabond) submitted 23 hours ago by lonelyhoncho I’m about to go on a gap year and am thinking about hitchhiking across the whole of Russia...
  2. beginnavagabond

    Want to get back out there

    So I am at home trying to make some money so I can travel hopefully overseas. My mother says I should try going to a place like Asheville and living there for a little so I can get used to living on my own and being independent. I eventually want to travel to Russia for about a month or two and...
  3. Cozmcrae

    Driving through Russia (Around the world without air travel)

    I left Scotland about 8 months ago to travel round the world without using air travel. Just incase anyone is interested this is me driving through Russia at the end of last year in my broken 20 year old Toyota Hilux. It made it and only coust me 1000 GBP ($1500) I'm in Beijing now and had to...