1. Sonny913

    Ended up here kinda accidentally

    Hello, everyone. I didn't know I was looking for this, but it might be serendipitous that I found it. I've been retired for a few years, living on a small pension. I had to get the budget under control. I'm getting closer to the day when I'll be debt-free - yay! I've not done shitloads of...
  2. Matt Derrick

    How to Travel SEA Under $15 A Day (Including 3 Months in Vietnam For Less Than $1000!)

    News & Blogs 
    Reposted from r/shoestring: all credit belongs to the author (i.e. i did not write this post) I thought I'd make this post because I remember researching and wondering if a trip like I'm on was possible and if so how to achieve it. I know my situation may not reflect that of everyone, but I...
  3. D

    Just geting back to Mpls!

    After 3 months of visiting the southeast, I'm glad to be back in my safespace bubble in Minneapolis! I know I'm reading the place I live, but he reasons why I love it are the same reasons I crit it. Not going to argue with having healthcare, though! I went to St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville...
  4. Babo

    Rainbow gathering, South Island , New Zealand?

    Hey fam. Have heard so much about the gathering on South Island here, but can't find out where it is at all. Also heard the gathering on north island was amazing. Have met lots of rainbows at festivals and in Hippie havena never been to gathering and really want to try it. Any help is immensely...
  5. ev wood

    I'm so proud of you Birmingham! (women's march)

    My home city is known for violence, but also for civil unrest. Yesterday 5,000-10,000 (conflicting estimates) gathered together to continue that great tradition and send a message to the current administration that discrimination based on race, gender, orientation, class, and nationality will...
  6. europeiantramp


    hey everyone, this is my introduction. i'm Loke, just got to the states from sweden where i grew up. have been moving around all my life, been homeless for 3 years, busking alot around europe. i play banjo and guitars. last year i've been living in south of sweden working, living in an...