train hop help

  1. supertramp5000

    Getting your bike on the train

    I’m really curious if it’s possible. How do you get it on without damaging it ? where do you stash it ? how do you get through the yard with it ?
  2. Tadeo

    Texas Trainhopping in Waco, I’m 15 and need tips.

    Hello my name is Tadeo and I’m 15, so I started train hopping very recently on my 15th birthday. I had been wanting to for the past few months and I wanted to take this adventure. To follow this dream I snuck out at 10:30 every few days a week for a month to see the exact time the train stops at...
  3. SummerFire160424

    Hey all!

    So my name is Brianna but I usually go by SummerFire and I live in Portland, OR as of July 2017 after living in San Diego, CA for way too long (28 years) and I’m a queer and trans woman of color. I joined StP forums a few months ago but I was dealing with a shit ton of depression and anxiety but...
  4. A

    New to Traveller culture, help needed.

    Hello everyone, my name is Darby, I'm from Louisville Kentucky and that's me in the pic (old picture, about 2 years). So I've been couch surfing for about 2-3 years because I've been completely broke and could bit afford my own place. I busted my ass at dead end minimum wage jobs that treated me...