train hop

  1. Billythekidsbabysitter

    Crouching mountain lion, hidden bear

    I have been train hopping, and walking for several months. I have walked hundreds of miles across no mans land, nearly froze, and starved; I’ve almost froze twice and it was my my fault. On one occasion i jumped into a river at 2am because I DID HEAR A MASSIVE ANIMAL cross the river and settle...
  2. Tekamthi

    Rain, trains, and (patrolling) automobiles

    'Darkest hours of the night…' the obscurely infamous phrase echoed through my thoughts as I stood in some forgotten park, about a kilometre or five off the Western end of the Trans-Canada highway. I shivered in the coastal October breeze, squinting from the sudden glare as my phone screen...
  3. almondmilkboy

    The Green Anarchists take on a bomb cyclone.

    So me and @Des and flowerbomb (the writer) and another traveling buddy took on a bomb cyclone as we rode through northern Cali/ Southern Oregon, we woke up to rain that eventually turned into light snow and then we read on the radar while we we’re on seperate pig’s w/ wings that there will be -3...
  4. 53908_1720186564083_2085604_o.jpg


    Somewhere's in Colorado
  5. Kierat

    Hello!!! New to travel and felt the need to introduce myselfy

    Everyone on this website seems to be the sweetest people. My names kiera, I'm new to traveling and slightly nervous about it. im from michigan, I'm 17(but will be 18 by the time i hop on a train). I've never been into train travel until I stumbled upon this website. Originally I wanted to live...
  6. Billy Cougar White

    greetings from BC Canada

    Hey, new member here from BC. I have alot of experience hitching and am wanting to experience other methods of free travel. Anybody have any tips/warnings? Other then the basic tips even the oogles know?