travel buddies

  1. TerminalBeach

    Lost my job due to COVID. Using this opportunity to drift.

    Since losing my job due to COVID I’ve been obsessed with drifting (traveling without a destination in mind). I bought a one way ticket from nyc to Kansas City for $25!? After here I either want to travel west or down to south to New Orleans. I’d be down to meet up people that are not...
  2. ThatBitch

    19 y/o artist in search of freedom

    hello! i have never gone camping, killed and prepared an animal, backpacked, hitchhiked, or traveled outside of the US. but i am painfully tired of this society and i'm ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the earth in the way our ancestors once did. return to our roots with me :) looking...
  3. Synthect

    Hitch-hiking Alaska

    I'm looking for a person to travel with hitch hiking or any advice for hitching Alaska. Currently situated in Anchorage looking to either travel to Girdwood or Seward first (or anywhere you can suggest too). I have my own supplies and whatnot and travel with medical supplies. I can give you...
  4. Josh Rogue Carden

    Whats up?

    Anyone else trying to get out of Florida? Also I'm new at this so if anyone has any tips or advice they want to give me that would be much appreciated!
  5. Deismona

    New Orleans in March

    Thinking of going down to New Orleans for a week or two sometime in March, would love to meet people who’d be into making some art/music, exploring some spaces and maybe even showing me around a bit. I have only visited New Orleans once and was not staying in my vehicle then so I’m looking to...
  6. RainyDaze

    Looking Back...

    Getting ready to hit the road again. Looking back at some random footage from last year. This is only from late 2015 Oct-November. For the rest of the year I was pretty hammered in the South East. Too hammered to record anything honestly. Enjoy! (Song: Chill Bill - Rob $tone)
  7. trippyhippie13

    Looking for future travel buddies :)

    Hello I am interested in making friends and finding future travel buddies! I currently live in miami/South Florida and am planning a small trip to Texas this summer Within the next year or so I plan on hitchhiking cross country to California Any advice would be great as I am a total noob!