1. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  2. cherryb0mb

    Rubber tramping in Phoenix?

    Never been to Arizona. Sick of the cold, Phoenix or Tucson? Anybody with any experience tramping thru these parts?
  3. D

    Tucson, AZ to live?

    Hey community, I'm considering moving from Minneapolis to Tucson, either at the end of this year or sometime next year. Does anyone have any wisdom on the area, that will help me survive for a long term stay? Community activity, punks and hippies, food shelves, connections, etc. I know the gem...
  4. Joel Grayson

    arizona shows/shit2doo?

    tramping az for the winter, looking to find some punk metal folk or grass shows out here. or other cheap/free shit to do in tucson and phoenix area. stealth camping and fly spots accepted too! anything helps, thanks!