1. VikingAdventurer

    An Interesting perspective

    So, today, a dude came into The Library to hang out and take a look at our selection of books. We started talking about politics, which inevitably progresses to the subject of war. I mentioned that I am a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, and he asked me if I had ever read the book "War is a Racket"...
  2. Tude

    Homeless woman who "occupied" the white house 30 years protesting war, has passed at 80.

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    Amazing they let her be!!! There is a vid at the link. She looks like an amazing woman - one to have met. She said she was arrested, bitten, gassed and tazered, If you follow the link to vid, then on to youtube - there are more vids of her. ____________________________ Concepcion...