1. identity

    Introduction to identity: currently starting an adverse possession adventure

    Hi folks, I'll go by identity here. I'm currently working on improving a rural property in California with the prospect of eventually filing for quiet title of the property in five years through adverse possession. I have experience squatting both short and long term and have worked with Homes...
  2. croc

    Workshop: Various Types of DIY Gallon Jug Handles

    Hey yall, I'm gonna be hosting a workshop about different ways to make handles n other carrying devices for gallon jugs. Some examples being woven rope/cord or duct tape handles. This is geared toward people riding trains or hitchhiking. I imagine it'll be mostly useful for newer travelers...
  3. Trooper

    Life Straw/Water Filtration

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone has used this or owns one of these? It seems like it could come in handy in an emergency or to simply drink out of a pond. For $15 it might be a good investment to prevent getting sick or worse. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything on the market...

    treating water and the options on how to do this

    as i have just gotten norovirus for the uptenth time, i felt that it would be quite benifical to make a post on how not to not get water born illnesesses (and perhaps i should follow my own fucking advice) there is a few options and i will go about the pros and cons of all these treaments...
  5. Tford

    I have a houston squat

    I currently squat a houston home. 4000 sq ft . no water and im tired of using loogyloo. electricity is on in my name water company wont let me turn water on due to previous foreclosed owner name stilll listed. anyone need texas squatters info . i am the guy