1. Abirdperson

    Thoughts on worktrading

    Just wanted to share some slightly organized thoughts about my experience worktrading. I hope it helps anyone who is thinking about living this way for any amount of time. Shelters: - bring your own/tent - trailers/tiny homes - room in house with host - hostels(bunk beds, sleeping around other...
  2. EatMoreRoadKIll

    A place to lay low when the going gets tough.

    Hey didn't know where else to post this. There is a Buddhist retreat center in Red Feather Lakes called Shambhala Mountain Center, that takes volunteers during the spring to fall months. In exchange for volunteering you receive 3 meals a day, as much as you can eat, decent lodging, and 3...
  3. CohesionHouse

    Hello >:)

    Greetings from Cascadia! Thank you for having such a wonderful site. We are a punk house co-op in Washington state. This is a group account. We hope to get to know our neighbors and other like-minded households. We host ad trade with others. Let us know what your collectives and co-ops...