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Jul 14, 2014
Well now that I dont travel a lot, with my job, I resorted to travel by foot. So me, the wife and the dogs regularly go on adventure around our town, walking from small town to Montreal, or just around wherever we want....

This set of pictures are the produced of a 13 hour walk. It was hard at the end, especially for her who never really travelled before...
So basically we just walk in the fields, following the train track to whatever towns it get us. its a lot of fun, its hard on the feet, but we get to see a lot of cool shit. Deer....Deer carcass...whole family of Fox eating snakes, Its a lot different than just sitting near a crew change and wait haha.


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Yeah man. I dig walking too. I was hitch hiking a heavy route but not highway this past week and I walked while hitching. Some might just stand and wait. Fuck that walking your at least on the move. should get a pack goat then you don't have to carry really anything on your back.


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Nov 15, 2012
Walking is by far my favorite way to travel, even if it takes 12 days to get somewhere. It's the main reason I've been in CO for so long.
I've always felt being a walker/runner is a prerequisite to being happy...for myself at least. It's what my body is designed for.

Can't remember who said this, but it always resonated..."When time is not an issue, anywhere is walking distance." :)

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