Apr 14, 2018
Fort Collins
Hey didn't know where else to post this. There is a Buddhist retreat center in Red Feather Lakes called Shambhala Mountain Center, that takes volunteers during the spring to fall months. In exchange for volunteering you receive 3 meals a day, as much as you can eat, decent lodging, and 3 optional opportunities a day to meditate. It's also way up in the Rocky Mountain Natl Forest, so opportunities for hiking, and exploration abound.
It's a place I've returned to, for a few weeks at a time throughout the years, whenever SHTF. They cater to all diet types, including meat eaters, work load is never more than 30 hrs a week, and because Shambhala Buddhism is basically secular no one is trying to push any beliefs on you, or make you wear robes, and shave your head. You'll meet folks from all over the world, and all different walks of life. There are AA, and NA groups, as well as yoga, martial arts etc. Smoking, and drinking are allowed in designated areas. Work opportunities range from gardening, land maintenance, carpentry, general repair, to house keeping in the lodge. They have paid, and volunteer positions. They will basically take on anybody in any department as a volunteer, so don't worry if you lack skills in a certain area. There is really no minimum time commitment.

The founder was a Tibetan refugee monk, who escaped the Chinese invasion under pursuit, and gunfire, while fighting starvation by eating his leather belt, as he passed over the Himalayas into India, only later to die from the serious alcoholism, and regular cocaine use that he picked up later on in the US.... So if you're looking for a good opportunity to get out of where you are, or need a place to regain your strength, and get your head together check it out. The website ( ) The founder if you want to wiki (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche) Below are some pics of the founder.
trungpa 2.jpg
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Oct 16, 2015
bro that is fuckin Wild...especially the photos of this man

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Thats awesome. I totally want to go there some day. I know ill need it. This is the border of Colorado and Wyoming correct? I also want to see yellowstone. I drove through the corner of it going from cali back to tbay but never really stayed. Thanks for the journey ideas.

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It looks like it was started by a cool person, but got taken over by yuppies.

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