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Feb 19, 2009
Sioux Falls South Dakota

I suppose a short reintroduction is in order.

So awesome to see this community so active and alive. Kill me though I can't believe it's been 11 years. Anyone still around from then?

Myself: I used to be a bus rat. Trains were always my fascination but because of my Klinefelters and issues Greyhounds were the only places I felt secure when traveling I guess. My traveling career was short and cut down when I started getting sick and had to move back home.

Ive been on SSDI for about 4 months now after fighting them 2 years for it.

My medicare kicks in come May and the drugs I'm on have slowed my diseases progression enough to where I'm only half crippled for the time being.

So I figure now is the best and last chance to knockout a few things on my bucket list. Feather River, Glacier, and if the Almighty wills it, Copper Canyon maybe.

But yeah it's cool there's so many younger people on here carrying on with the culture. Good to be back.

That old Japanese proverb; he who is not a radical at 20 has no heart, he who's still a radical at 40 has no brain. Good thing I burned out my brain with mescaline and acid years ago.

Btw Matt, any chance I can get my username changed? I haven't used this handle in years.
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Deleted member 125

I closed my account
Depending on what kinda device yer on it may be in a different area, but you can change yer name under the account button.


Oct 6, 2018
NW Montana
If/when you make your way to Glacier NP beers are on me.

It's a special kinda country up here(in a good way).

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