Abandoned train derailment found!!! (1 Viewer)

Apr 23, 2020
Reno, Nevada
while exploring the tracks in the Dunsmuir California area I happened upon these old and abandoned SP train cars. They have obviously been there for awhile and have had anchor wires attached to prevent further movements. Why they haven’t been removed is a mystery???


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Dec 12, 2014
I'm guessing that is north of the depot in Dunsmuir? I really have to catch south out of Dunsmuir, and explore that area north of town.

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About '91 SP had a major derailment there. There were tanker cars of chemicals- it was all fucked up. I remember seeing them on the news, one was in the Sacto Rivo.

Sacto's had derailments.

Cajon Pass still has some shit off from that one.

First time I went through California, old man I'd told in advance I was going to go down the West Co on trains said, when you come to CA: "Keep one hand on your billfold and the other hand on your ass."

I told a Freighthopper about that and he thought for a minute. He grinned real big: "Not really sound advice. Keep both hands on something so if the motherfucker turns into a rollercoaster you're not a dead man."

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