All I hear is trains... (1 Viewer)


Feb 20, 2018
Baton Rouge
*Just a quick story about my first trainhopping experience* ;)

(Continued from Part 1)

I kinda gave up after a bit due to my legs being completely destroyed after a few bouts with ballast rocks going downhill.

Finally, at 5:30 pm my ride starts rolling out full blast, whistles and bells and everything. I take my chance after finding a nice lil grainer with a floor. Oooo comfy!!

Holy shit I did not know these things go so fast! I was in love; my hair blowing, rocks and shit all in my eyes, crusty layer starting to form. I reveled in it.

Wait, why is the train stopping so early? I asked my self this 3 more times. I learned quickly as two of the times I had to hop off and duck in the nearby brush until it was safe again.

Eventually we get to KCS Reserve yard...y you no go all the way to Nola?? It’s crawling with workers so I hop out fast and jump a nearby fence and find a hose(lost h20 bottle) to lap from and clean up a bit.

The last leg of the journey from Reserve was by far the longest walk EVER. Totaled about 5 hours and would’ve been worse if a Norco cop hadn’t offer me a ride.

I’m now in Nola. Idk what I’m doing here or where you dirty fucks;) hangout but I have no plans to return to ‘normal’ life.
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