Anyone have a holga? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 7, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
I have a holga 135,

Fisheye and a diana F+

most my best shots with them are hidden in the lost realm of flickr since i havnt gotten a pro account. here are a few

Holga 135^

Diana f+

Most all this was taken with expired hand me down film friends had laying around and gave me.

Some recent stuff. not my best work. don't feel like digging through my external hard drive for the rest haha.


Feb 2, 2010
Northern Germany
own a holga 120N and have shot a bunch of film with it in 2010.
Also developed it myself partly with cafenol.
Oh...and Holga is NOT a ''lomography'' cam. it is a chinese toy cam.
FUCK these lomography hipster idiots. and lightleaks or crossprocessing does not make your photos artistic.

Deleted member 5971

I closed my account
im gonna be hated for this, but the picture of the cop is actually quite nice.


Apr 7, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
Not trying to sound like a punkass, but why are you interested in Toy cameras?

i havnt been as of late. but it's the perfect party/show/whatever cam. sometimes i hate carrying my camera backpack around. when i dont wanna have to look after my shit constantly at shows or walking around in the city in general. a cheap lightweight camera is fun for snapshots here and there. and they take interesting and even sometimes plain shitty photos. but it's fun.

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