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Oct 25, 2020
(current) the partially undead carcass of suburbia
I'm normally concretely protective of every little piece of decent people's privacy. even my own. i miss some of my old friends. had a few more leave the building in recent, including more than one extremely close. concerned for the rest -- fascism, capitalism, pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, etc. . . . I'd prefer to find them on my own. times are tough. i hope no one minds if i drop a few details. there are a few of my own here, too. so, look out for me looking for a few on the crust list, if you feel like.

also here to maybe meet a few chill kats. smothered in suburban straightlife hostility & prejudices -- it's great & refreshing to read through some human decency here.

tips on making the best out of vehicle dwelling (chained to a pretty straight relation, with basically no leverage) appreciated. no funds / permission for 'builds' and such. loathe to have it be a kind of catchphrase, but restrooms are a rareified necessity -- especially offhours -- and i think I'm out of reasonable suggestions. ditto with kitchens, but i gave up on that luxury long ago.

alright, I'm lamer than advertised here, so: be safe. wear the damned masks. stay away from humans. wish you wouldve met me when i passed for something cool. veganism saves. peace.
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