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Nov 24, 2016
9941 T601, Grantville, PA 17028, USA
2016 i rode from canada to mexico.....i had 4 panniers, on a touring bike. My bike prolly weighed 80lbs loaded. I was averaging about 80 miles a day. My longest ride was probably about 120 miles. I worked at a bicycle store, rode bike as my main transportation daily, it was my life. Most athletes are easily able to ride for 8-12 hours, averaging atleast 10 mph, even in the worst conditions and hills.

With the correct gear, fitness, and most importantly the drive to not be a lil bitch.....its possible to ride over 150 miles a day or even more.

The record for racing across america is about 8 days, unsupported i believe its about 14.....these are elite level endurance riders.

Many cyclist pride themselves in their ablility to cover ground quickly and cheaply. A very popular saying amongst cyclist is "harden the fuck up".....keep hardening my friend....
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Jan 4, 2016
new Orleans
I rode Jacksonville Florida to homestead back then rode lot extra towns just because . Did lot of miles and weeks in CA. I rarely went over 50 miles a day but I'm past 45 years old . I rested and enjoy my time and what I saw.

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