Banned AzureSoul for racist comments in discord (1 Viewer)

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Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
bizarre racist rant on black people in the StP discord chat:





didn't make much sense to ban them from the discord and not ban them here as well, so, there we are.


Subverting from within
Oct 15, 2013
Bellingham, WA
I'm guessing this is because of the racist shit they were saying in Discord and I'm not disagreeing with your actions but as far as I know, we never really came up with policies on enforcing rules on Discord vs. the forums.

I'm pretty sure there have been people who have been banned from Discord but not the forums so I feel like it might be good to work out whether they're treated separately or as one entity.

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I deleted myself
I don't participate in discord chat but it's a bummer if there's racist shit going on there, I think if they are using stp chat they should be expected to follow the rules of the website. 100% support this ban.


Spiritual Nomad
Nov 3, 2018
North Concord, CA
These are the Discord chat’s rules:
1) Please be respectful and don’t be a dick!

Squat the Planet is a welcoming community for people from all walks of life, so leave your hate at the door. We do not tolerate hate speech in any form, which includes but is not limited to hateful comments based on skin color, background, sexual orientation or gender/sex (and lack thereof). It’s also not okay to to flame other users or troll anyone here, or to sexually harass anyone. This isn’t a dating server!

2) Don’t post spam.
For the purposes of our Discord server, spam is considered the excessive repetition of a word or line of text/image typed out by a user - if you flood the chat, we reserve the right to mute or kick you. You are allowed to post links to your own websites and promote your own projects, but posting any for-profit or spam-like promotions is not allowed. Spam advertising a user via DMs whether in Discord or StP will result in a kick/ban.

3) Do not create multiple accounts/alts.
We don’t want our Discord server to become flooded with alts no one uses, so don’t use multiple accounts in this server unless you’ve gotten approval from an admin. Impersonating another user will result in an immediate ban.”

I’m one of the Discord admins so I read over the rules and condensed them for the server. Aside from forum-specific rules like “no one word replies” and such, it’s safe to assume that if it’s not allowed on the forums it isn’t allowed in the chats.


Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Brunswick, Georgia
I been a whitey all my life, my God! Nothing wrong with listening to "Metallica - Fade to Black", "AC/DC - Back in Black", or even "Johnny Cash - Man in Black", but going apeshit racist about being black and stuff makes me wanna puke diarrhea. Bloody hell... ::hungover::::hungover::
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