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Aug 3, 2013
Albion, NY
If you're looking for the punk scene and some chill people to hang out with go to Aguinaldo Park & Museum across from the University of Baguio. The punks normally hang out there, you can smoke free weed, throw some pesos for gin and smokes and get pretty wild. I did lose my phone that night, which I'm kinda bummed about, but it was a fun time. Some of them are travelers and hitch hike around Philippines hitchin' boats to Cebu and other places. You can also squat in the park. The caretaker does not care. Pretty chill spot. I'm not too much into the getting drunk everyday, but now and then it's fun. Good times and vibes.

If you're looking for other places to squat you can check out the lot across from John Hay Nursery and I also camped in front of the "No Trespassing Govt Property" at the corner of the Mansion. Do not camp in Wright Park. Tons of people walk through there at night and are shady as hell. I got followed by some dude and thought I might get robbed, but eventually he left me alone. Although it looks like a good spot during the day, it is not at night. I'm sure there are many other spots to camp, but the few days I was there these are some of the places I found and they were super close to the city. There are tons of spots outside of town, but you'll have to do a shit load of walking or get lucky and find a pull-off to hitch or pay 8.5 pesos for a jeepney.
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