Best route/advice from new hampshire to west coast? (1 Viewer)


Jan 21, 2013
New Hampshire
so this will be my first time traveling, and ive never hitched other than short rides locally so kinda clueless as to what route i should take and what states i do and dont wanna go through haha. im planning on starting out in a couple weeks, some legal troubles have set me back, but any and all advice would be much appreciated. im thinking of taking a greyhound out to start off and go from there, depending on the fares, cause i dont have any real money haha. but help me out!
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Route 90(masspike/ny thru way) to 80 goes the whole way. Mostly toll roads (so know your laws & how to be within the law but stil get rides) till midwest then desolate but easy travelin. Good luck & get movin, its already cold at night across rockies & elsewhere otherwise you may need to take a southern route.

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