Beware! Steven "Huck" Boutwell, Admin of /r/Vagabond (1 Viewer)


Nov 17, 2017
Near Santa Fe, NM
This is a warning post for the traveler underground about u/huckstah on reddit, also known as Steven "Huck" Boutwell or Hobo Huck. You might recognize him as the person who organized the Vagabus/Volunteers on Wheels, or know him as the “founder” of the subreddit r/vagabond. I was a member of this project for three months. I was also a moderator on r/vagabond for a while recently (u/jouscat, formerly u/midairdodge). I will provide information for you to digest, and you can take it as you will. I'm not here to argue or slander/libel, merely to educate those willing to heed the warning.



To Huck and Co.: if you would like to sue me over any of this information being made public, feel free to message me on here to obtain necessary information. I would be delighted to go to court with you. Also, feel free to "greenlight" me or come after me yourself. You can have fun attacking the character of myself and your other victims if you'd like, but that won't change what you did. You can manipulate and convince whomever, but you're the one who has to live with the guilt.

Without further ado...

For full disclosure, here are screenshots of our staff chat on Discord as the events unfold. It continues past this point, but I will be summarizing the major takeaways throughout this bulletin. These screenshots show our intentions to try to have Huck removed as head moderator of r/vagabond, aka the mod coup. As much as he would like to believe this is about petty internet points and fame, we were trying to protect the public from becoming future victims of his. We wanted to do so quietly, but since he has fought tooth and nail to drag this "drama" to the public, then we will have to take a less tactful approach to keeping people safe.

Here is a folder of some of the evidence that our staff team was given. We were not provided with absolutely everything, and some additional details were word-of-mouth over the phone and in person, as I am now in close contact with his most recent victim, having driven cross-country to ensure her safety. Take it as you will. I know not everyone will be convinced, but do be careful, at least. Huck is mentally unstable and violent.

  • Huck touched me inappropriately while I was presumably unconscious. We have reason to believe he has done this to other women because of his own admission.
  • Huck burned my toe with a lighter just for fun.
  • Huck held his ex against her will for six weeks in Alabama, threatening to harm her with firearms or to hurt himself if his mother tried to help her escape. He was very manipulative and even lit his ex's clothes on fire to try to prevent her from getting to the bus station to get away.
  • Huck physically assaulted his ex on multiple occasions. She had a Temporary Order of Protection (restraining order) filed against him, but a moderator of r/vagabond tipped him off, and he fled the state before signing it. He has a warrant out for his arrest from Montana for domestic abuse.
  • Huck has threatened violence against many others, including Pokebert (u/2717192619192).
  • Huck has continually scammed many people financially and does not repay debts.
  • Huck has spread false rumors about anyone who speaks up about him and bans any dissenters. He plays the victim while attacking others. He creates fake accounts to harass himself, and has done such for years.
  • Huck has a long history of being mentally and emotionally abusive to anyone close to him. He behaves irrationally and is worse while under the influence of various drugs.
  • Huck is discriminatory towards members of the LGBTQA+ community and those that are differently-abled.
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Nov 3, 2018
North Concord, CA
On January 28th, Jouska and I began to message each other on Discord with concerns about Huck’s behavior publicly. He seemed to be harassing a woman, seemingly an ex of his, who was alleging physical abuse and financially scamming her. Having firsthand experiences with Huck’s abusive and violent behavior before, we both reached out to her to try and understand more about what was going on.

What we found out next was disgusting and shocking - Huckstah had violently abused this woman, and just a couple days prior had been forced out of their employee housing because multiple witnesses reported the domestic violence. In addition, as moderators for the sub, we were able to see that he was constantly harassing her and doxxing her to the subreddit - specifically, he posted pictures of them as if they were still together, and made posts with her full name in the title to intimidate her.

After this, 6 out of the 8 moderators of the subreddit came together in a private Discord chat to discuss these issues and how to handle them - specifically, approaching the admins of to have Huckstah removed from his position of ultimate authority over the subreddit. He had threatened multiple users before, doxxed one, and had physically and/or sexually assaulted two young women that he met through the subreddit and groomed into thinking he would be a travel mentor to them. I made a whistleblower post under an old alt account, and their admins told us to start a dialogue and provide our evidence, as law enforcement was actively involved in trying to locate and arrest Huck at this point.

Unfortunately, one of the moderators (u/Willingplane) went totally rogue. From the very moment she began to respond to our group chat days after we’d already contacted the admins, she was combative and dismissive of the claims, claiming that they were a fabrication meant to harass Huck. We provided this staff member the same evidence we did every other moderator:

Of course, none of it mattered. When the restraining order was signed off by a judge and came in, we provided her the full and uncensored paperwork - she then called the wrong police department to verify it, and since they were in a different county, they had no record of it. This moderator came back to us gloating that we were lying, that this was all a fraud, and we then gave her the correct police department’s phone number to contact (before promptly kicking her from our private chat). This can all be seen around picture 100 in Jouska’s link above to our moderator chats.

She screenshotted every single message and every single bit of evidence and gave all of it to Huck immediately - which alerted him that the police were actively searching for him in Bozeman, allowing him to skip town and avoid being served and arrested. He immediately left to Florida and bought a boat, publicly declaring he’d sail into international waters.

Huck removed everyone except for her and another holdout, and then retaliated against every moderator involved in extremely disgusting ways.

Enough about me, though, because I feel what he did to another friend and fellow moderator was even worse. I’ve gone ahead and included a testimony for him below:
  • One of our moderators, Eckhart (u/NameslessAndHomeless), was a homeless undocumented traveler, and Huck knew about his citizenship status. Once he realized Huck knew of his involvement/support in the moderator coup, he immediately left his homebase at the time to escape north; he feared that Huckstah or Willingplane would call ICE on him to retaliate. Huck knew his location due to a comment exchange on a post of his, and Huck specifically asked about the town he was in.
  • That decision saved his life. Just less than 24 hours after Huckstah removed every moderator EXCEPT for him, a sudden ICE raid was conducted on an encampment in this very small town - a town that hadn’t seen ICE come by for years, if ever. Locals were told that they’d gotten an anonymous tip about undocumented individuals in the area.

I have to hand it to Huck, he’s very good at hurting people. I was left in a state of anxiety for weeks afterwards, Eck was very shaken, and Jouska still carries the trauma of being his victim. As do all of the other individuals he’s damaged.

Reddit Admins were almost no help at all. We patiently messaged them and kept them updated for a whopping 3 weeks, all the while Huckstah kept escalating things; it wasn’t until he made the pinned witch-hunt post that they intervened by suspending his account for 3 days, a mere slap on the wrist. They refused any help beyond that, saying that this was a matter for law enforcement and claiming “both sides just need to calm down” — never mind that a head moderator of a community of 1million users was breaking the law through their website.

Even with the amount of detail I’ve put into this, I still feel that I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what occurred the last few months. r/Vagabond has suffered without proper moderation since Huck nuked his mod team, and he constantly goes out of his way to talk shit about us and call us pedophiles or stalkers. We’ve accepted that there’s nothing left we can do for the community we cared so much about with him at the helm, but we refuse to accept a reality where he can continue to hurt and traumatize people unabated. Where he can sexually assault women and violenty abuse his partners, physically assault people, threaten LGBTQ and neurodivergent individuals, etc.

Avoid Steven “Huck” Boutwell at all costs. He is dangerous and a menace to the traveler community.
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Jan 2, 2009
Foothills of the Cascades, western WA
Wow. That is quite the read. I've only met him while up in Alaska and never really hung out with him but there were a couple things that happened that summer that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. He has a profile on here but I don't think he visits STP much these days.

I hope he can eventually work out his issues and the hurt he causes others, cause that's not a good look. Sounds like the drugs/alcohol do not help them.


Aug 23, 2020
Portland, Oregon
This is deeply disturbing. I've been using the vagabond sub for quite sometime now and have talked to huck on a few occasions. I can't believe I haven't heard of this until now. I'm just not too sure what to think at the moment. I'm in shock.
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