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Oh yeah, I remember one of the last RAR Rock Against Racism concerts I went to in New Haven, like 12 years ago, maybe even more ?? and there was this old homeless guy on the bench, just looking really sad, like contemplating how it came to this, and I gave him a twenty I think, at least twenty dollars, and he started crying and gave me one of the best hugs I ever got in my life.

I wish I had more, because I know I would have given him more money...

When I was still going back and forth to Brooklyn, I got loaded on a Sunday drinking 40s in the park with my friends, and well.... I soon had to take the subway back to Grand Central Station to get the train back out here....

This is good: I am bombed, and the RR stops dead for like 30 minutes between Bay Ridge Ave and 59th street.

After an eternity - the conductor get on the intercom and say "We are going to be delayed for a..." and I leap up and shout NO FUCKING SHIT and kick out one of the windows [I was in shape back then !!]

Suddenly - what a surprise, the RR started moving and pulled into 59th street.
I was surrounded by a bunch of plain cloths cops who boarded the RR while it was stopped in the tunnel.

So, because I am a firm believer in its the truth that sets you free, I told them the truth.

The main cop - no lie - was Officer Rollins, and he was acting just like Henry would have.
I was straight with him, he was straight with me.

He goes back into the RR - I was on the station being interviewed - but the RR was still being held at the station.

One of the other cops - and African American Cop asks me about my wallet, while I'm pulling out my ID, he saw my A&P license and Class III Airman cert. so I told him I was a Blackhawk mechanic, but now i work on Super Stallions [this was I think 1992...] and he was like whoa, that's heavy.....
[I'm sure that helped me too]

Rollins comes back and he goes man today is your lucky day, nobody knows nothing about how that window broke [That's Brooklyn for ya !!!] so Officer Rollins told me that I was just getting a nuscience in public ticket and I can mail it in, which I did promptly once back home.

So, I asked why the subway was stopped - and Rollins told me because of you, and I said whoa... hold on - it was not because of me, I only freaked out after about it not moving for 30 minutes because I was worried about missing the last train out of GCT...

Anyhow, I got let go - and got to keep the two 40s I brought for the ride !!

Oh it gets better.... I get off at 59th and go to Elegante's Car Service, flash bills and get a car to GCT, which I make.

Meanwhile I decided that I wanted nothing to do with those 40s so I left them - no bag - they were in my messenger bag -by the gate to the track I needed, I ran out and got a kinish and a salt pretzel and thanked G-d I got out of that.

I'm going back, and there's an African American homeless guy, lying on the floor leaning up against the wall, with his arms around his major aqusition.

There's a hot female hispanic officer and she's got the baton out, kinda playfully aiming at him, and she goes... I'll never forget this:

"So let me get this straight, you have no idea how this beer got here"
"no idea"
"who owns this beer"
"I don't know"
"you don't know who owns this bear"
"no idea, it just magically appeared"
"magically appeared ?1?"
"it must be a gift from the gods...."

I got on my train and never looked back, I was not about to tempt faith twice.... but that was a good one.

BUT man, if he got arrested out of my generous offering - that I would feel terrible about.

edit: spelling, and I remember a couple of quotes at the end.... man, I hope he did not get in trouble....
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Ohhhkay, while I appreciate the things being shared here, the usefulness of this thread and it's replies have come to an end. Locking thread.
This thread has been closed and cannot be replied to.

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