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Cobra Gypsies Documentary

Ran across this... cool.

Check out this beautiful documentary entitled COBRA GYPSIES directed by Raphael Treza. Up until watching this film, I never knew that the Romani still existed in India. This film is created in a way that the subjects do not seem to be exploited for a story, but are actually given a chance to have their voices heard…Enough of me talking, peep the COBRA GYPSIESdocumentary below.

All photos by Raphael Treza

13079_805091576249831_3006993757871349919_n.jpg 1941480_805092086249780_1645073436468344096_o-700x467.jpg 10258278_805091946249794_3705107312000764093_o-700x467.jpg 10404201_805091846249804_6577154170665395811_n.jpg 10470636_805091742916481_7003800149730347602_n.jpg 10856533_805092129583109_8180771856348220692_o-700x467.jpg 10863796_805091472916508_5671433084095278376_o-700x467.jpg 10947277_805091482916507_548532484643754476_n.jpg 10999865_805093992916256_7401715321274170405_o-700x467.jpg 11045368_805091829583139_4175421920534052361_o-700x467.jpg http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-conten...737_805092316249757_7619277936136365222_o.jpg
11070142_805091456249843_6585525082274508181_o-700x467.jpg 11074639_805091599583162_9123630633298984469_o-700x467.jpg 11075227_805091642916491_80681608282690403_o-700x467.jpg 11078218_805092066249782_1009183013228042456_n.jpg 11079574_805094119582910_3045598909787706870_o-700x467.jpg 11080359_805093579582964_4377255980810225951_o-700x467.jpg 11080641_805091769583145_41625735672419450_o-700x467.jpg 11081412_805092669583055_2738228051079973827_n.jpg 11083670_805092009583121_2667767242941701381_n.jpg

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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Interesting - it would be interesting to get out into some villages. :) I'm still trying to catch up on the US. :) And I have a lot of catching up to do in seeing the US!

Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
oh, and added some pics and text from a cvltnation article (link at the bottom of the pics).

and if you like electronic music the Cobra Gypsies soundtrack is pretty cool:



May 14, 2018
Oh man I was this close to posting something about this but you honestly did a better job at it then I could.
This's my favorite thing to watch. The tribe with the kids that lost the camels were bamf. And when they were coming home with the camels finally and the mom was yelling at them and then she started yelling at the journalists too! So friggin funny!

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