Coroplast Velomobiles with Coroplast Camper (1 Viewer)


Nov 19, 2019
Montgomery, AL

Coroplast is what those political signs are made of. Its a very lightweight sturdy material.

Ive been wanting to make one of these for years.

Should be able to find the blueprints/instructions on that website [although I remember it costing money]

Seems like you need a good workspace and the right tools and parts and a way to get the coroplast to where youre going to be building it.

Just thought I would bring this up as an interesting way to travel.

Its human powered but you can probably hook a battery to it too to make it more road worthy.
It is VERY good for the environment and cheap to make, presumably.

I found out about this because I was very against driving gas powered cars and polluting the environment any more than it already is.

This contraption gives you a storage area, a way to get out of the rain, and stay warmer, and can carry more than one person if you make it a two seater, from what I remember.

I live for discoveries of multi-use things that will help the environment and promote freedom, and this is one of the greatest finds I have come across on the internet.
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Jan 21, 2017
Naples, Fl
Its a bicycle with a shell. I prefer a bicycle without a shell and simply carry or attach a tent. Doesn't draw attention and can camp anywhere and get around much more efficiently. Plus, a tent will have some airflow and not be so claustrophobic and cheaper.
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