CrimethInc. Convergence - Pittsburgh - July 20 (1 Viewer)

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sadly.. money talks. and crimethinc is really good at talking..and talking..and talking...and talking...

at one point in my life I thought that this stuff mattered. the only movement I care about now is in my bowels and keeping that healthy is enough work in itself. hahah shit on PC anarcho punk fuckfaces. I just don't fucking care what you have to say!


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I dont understand when poverty has became revolutionary...

Everyone keeps on raging on them for having trust funds. I dont know anyone involved with crimethinc. that has a trust fund. Its just some rumour people have started to make them look better than the people in it.

Its like finally anarchists that are at least doing something, and everyone bashes them? I dont get it. I would rather be friends with a some p.c. anarchist who has a trust fund than someone ith just a trust fund...

the only trust fund i have is my black sharpie and the cardboard left behind.


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Nov 2, 2007
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Yeah, that 'eviction' of the CrimethInc Convergence seems pretty ridiculous to me.
"Gentrification" is such a fucking useless buzzword with every Leftist self-proclaimed radical these days (just as any Chomsky book is a great prop-piece).

Evicting a small gathering of self-proclaimed radical anarchists (who may, in fact, be living anarchy - or not) doesn't seem like it goes as far toward stopping gentrification as does evicting "developers". But those people of money and power would have been a harder target, wouldn't they?

Most of the APOC crew doing the disruption was from outside of Pittsburgh, so what the hell? I guess it saved the cops the job of having to breakup the gathering...

These kids from APOC should show up to every big financial/government-group meeting (FTAA, G20, G8, WTO, IMF, World Bank) and 'evict' the groups organizing the demonstrations. Seriously, maybe the protestors would do something more effective than march around and get arrested - perhaps, go rampaging through areas surrounding the hos cities, where the cops are not expecting or prepared for them.

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