finally made it out of venice CA !!! (1 Viewer)


Dec 7, 2019
Sedona, AZ
ermagawd venice is the greatest and i love the community out there on the boardwalk but that place sucked me in... well i finally made it out and im currently in sedona AZ but im ready to travel and move around and meet some new people, im looking for a community of vagabonds/travelers in arizona i can find to meet some new people to kick it with but ill meet anyone 1 on 1 too idc, im traveling alone in a tiny car at the moment and its lonely, would love some vagabond/traveler friends to kick it with. ill be in AZ till jan 1 2020 so if you know of a good place to meet some cool people outside of AZ after that lmk too bc im restless rn, i need to see some new places and new faces :) ... peace and love everyone <3
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Dec 1, 2019
Im in Tucson rn and im always down to kick it. Idk where im goin next, but def not north. I mean not until spring. PM me if you wanna hang in Tucson.

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It's gotta be getting pretty cold up there about now. He'll it's cold down here in Phoenix. Last night I slept outside for the first time in a long time and good damn was it cold... I'm getting to be too old to get caught unprepared. Actually, I had a sleeping bag, and ahit I still froze my ass off

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Riding my bike this morning
Currently near Tulsa volunteering at a nearby lake. Will be heading West at the end of Feb. Looking for traveliing companion to rubber tramp with me. Must like cats because I have two. I'm open to the universe and love wilderness camping.
checkd out a fundraiser to keep a detention center from being built n pacoima last night. shit was epic! punk show, tacos, fights, graffitti, n skateboarding. life rules sometimes.
Yay the status updates are back again! 4 months of sitting on my ass doing nothing is finally turning it computer, sewing and art projects. While I trying to build a motorized bike. #Texas
Advice for dealing with lonely on the road?
Fuck yeah, Tucson. Hello, 18 rack of pabst.
Barreling through the Arizona desert on an intermodal freight train, eating peanut butter with a fork. The only thing that could improve this situation would be chunky peanut butter. Other than that I have no complaints and life's pretty good.
Lost on a beach somewhere South of Tampa maybe I don't know.
Okay so imagine a band comprised of a snail, a dragon, a doggo, and a ratto called Crackhouse Crevice. You can catch the free show on an eastbound IM from Yuma.
@dumpsternavel will be making snacks with some tuna from a pouch and the crumbs of a 10 piece chicken nugget bag.
Be there or be square.
Yeah not being on the road right now is kind of a bummer, but actually having the space for a kit again is really getting that serotonin goin'

Holy shit I missed playing drums

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