finally made it out of venice CA !!! (1 Viewer)


Dec 7, 2019
Sedona, AZ
ermagawd venice is the greatest and i love the community out there on the boardwalk but that place sucked me in... well i finally made it out and im currently in sedona AZ but im ready to travel and move around and meet some new people, im looking for a community of vagabonds/travelers in arizona i can find to meet some new people to kick it with but ill meet anyone 1 on 1 too idc, im traveling alone in a tiny car at the moment and its lonely, would love some vagabond/traveler friends to kick it with. ill be in AZ till jan 1 2020 so if you know of a good place to meet some cool people outside of AZ after that lmk too bc im restless rn, i need to see some new places and new faces :) ... peace and love everyone <3
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Dec 1, 2019
Im in Tucson rn and im always down to kick it. Idk where im goin next, but def not north. I mean not until spring. PM me if you wanna hang in Tucson.

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It's gotta be getting pretty cold up there about now. He'll it's cold down here in Phoenix. Last night I slept outside for the first time in a long time and good damn was it cold... I'm getting to be too old to get caught unprepared. Actually, I had a sleeping bag, and ahit I still froze my ass off

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back in FL 4 da 3rd time til I head 2 Colorado
Hey folks, we've opened up a new thread to discuss organizing this year's jamboree in the san juan islands! You should throw in your two cents!
returning refreshed, refurbished and re-treaded ... om back what did i miss?
Offline for a short stint. Be back soon.
NOLA anybody? i got wheels. thinking about getting something to drink and marking some trains
Oddman wrote on Brodiesel710's profile.
Nice picture, on the Wikipedia "hobo" page... I was working on that page a little, a few weeks ago. It's a total mess and I just scratched the surface, but I keep watching and hoping someone else will improve it. That photo improves it for sure. Wish I knew enough about hobo history to write something decent there.
Got a new pad in CinCinNasty , anyone passing nearby hit me up. Got a couch and brews
.and smoke if that's your thing.
el Pasooooo.... here I AM. Sticken out like a white girl in mexico haha. Hitchen to white sands in a couple days oo baybeh ~ who's out here?
Still learning how this werkz lol

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