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Oct 5, 2018
Hi, i just realized that some people here might not have the resources to give their dog heartworm treatment. If anyone really needs it plz pm me any address you can have a letter sent to. I will send ivermectin cattle formula, 1ml (cheapest source of the drug) which when diluted will give a year of heartguard treatment for a 70lb dog at minimum. I will include basic instructions and a 1ml insulin syringe to dilute it. Included below is a more in depth resource. Use 30:1 for small dogs and 9:1 for large.

I have never managed to use an entire bottle so it essentially costs me a postage stamp to send.


If your dog has had heart guard with no side effects before then there will be no issues for certain. If you havent used ivermectin based heart guard before then be careful, some dogs(under 1%i believe) have a mutated protein in their blood brain barrier that allows all avermectins( ivomec, avid, etc) into the brain where the effects can be deadly. The website posted contains more resources.
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Oct 5, 2018
Its good karma and i have thrown out 25ml minimum every 2-3 years even with my sis getting goats. Might as well get it to a pup that needs it. Thanks to @Sheri for mentioning ivermectin specifically in her post and getting my neurons firing.

The smallest bottle they sell costs the same amount as 3 months treatment from the vet for a 80 lb dog yet contains 150 years of treatment for the same dog if it didnt expire 3 years from the manufacture date.

Store it in the darkest coolest place you can, next to the beer.
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This might sound really foreign and frankly crazy to a lot of you but I'm just going to go on and say it.
in order for a dog to get heartworms it has to be above 80 degrees during the day and night for two weeks straight.
This is an indisputable fact.

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