Getting screwed over by Greyhound (1 Viewer)


Aug 27, 2017
Yucca Valley
Seriously though, Greyhound drivers are mostly chill in my experience. I've been hella toasty from layover drinking many a time and was let back on.
But one time a driver wouldn't let anyone on that was wearing any cologne or perfume claiming he was allergic. At one point, dude stopped the bus on the side of the highway claiming someone sprayed some perfume and he had to wait for it to dissipate.
I didn't smell any foo foo juice when I stepped out for a smoke. He said I wasn't supposed to smoke on the side of the highway, I said I didn't smell any perfume. We didn't speak again as I stood there finishing my cigarette staring off at the horizon.
In retrospect, I think he was just tired, needed to stretch his legs, and had that BS excuse in his back pocket. lol

As for the ticket thing, sucks you lost the $. Hopefully it was a cheap lesson and it's definitely a lesson for anyone reading your post. So thanks for the heads up/reminder for all of us!
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me, hellarity, oak, ca. about 2006
Oct 12, 2017
San Diego, CA
Thanks- yeah... I quess I was caught off guard (which is what they're banking on). So the BBB thing ended amicably. While on this claim I received an eVoucher, I will say that in the past the BBB helped me a a $1000.00 refund from FedEx. It does pay to do your homework & in this case read the fine print.

Thanks to everyone who was nice about shit.

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