Mar 22, 2017
Szczyrk, Poland
Hello everyone!

I'm Liras (my preffered name) from Szczyrk, Poland. I'm 18 and I've been through quite a bit of trouble in my life especially regarding the stupidity of school system... A prodigy programmer child betrayed and destroyed by the evil civilization. How romantic... :) But you probably dont have time for my sad story, so here I present you my view of the world and what I wanna do:

I wish to never again serve false gods like: progress, civilization, money, etc. I lost my respect for anything other than the natural law. I live to eat and eat to live. I take what I want if I can get away with this. I only care for my family and friends. I live for the pleasures of food, warmth, friendship, sex and the thrill of the hunt. I am a human animal. Nothing more, AND nothing LESS. I want to live in a band of some dozen HUMANS not these transhuman beings we're trying to create. I want to be free to do anything I wish. This is my only goal right now. Civ has destroyed my mind and deteriorated my body. Now, it is time to stand up and TAKE IT BACK.

On the more practical side, it means learning a lot of new skills for Hunter-Gatherer life. And so I do. I train archery and slingshot every day. I trek, I forge, I forage for food as much as possible. At this point I could well be a bushcraft instructor. I'm trying to get in contact with like-minded people, so that I'm not alone.

My idea is to have one, legally owned place, or a network of nodes (great idea of Feralculture) to travel between. My home is the North and I feel very connected to it. No matter if it's Poland, Finland, Norway, Canada, etc. For travelling I'm doing my best to build a specially designed 2 seater floatplane to serve as my portable home.

I'm never going back to my past. I hope I can start my new life as a 100% Hunter-Gatherer as soon as 2018. Maybe I'll also start a YT channel as I wouldn't like my teaching skills to be wasted and some money from Ads/Patreon wouldn't hurt either.

So, what do you think?

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welcome to stp.

For travelling I'm doing my best to build a specially designed 2 seater floatplane to serve as my portable home.

im not sure theres much info here on building a plane, but im sure some would like to hear about yer plan to do that.

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