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Feb 4, 2018
Hey folks!

I am stoked to join this amazing forum. Big up to StP!

Let's introduce myself ;

I make handmade quality backpacks and gear for bike courier and travelers, and currently designing dog backpack harnesses.

I have a small sewing shop with industrial sewing machines, in which I am constantly looking for new projects and out of the box design.

Right now, I am planning on making a series of backpacks, pouches, utility belts and more for train hopping, hitch hiking, squatting, travelling and all that great stuff.

By joining this forum, I want to offer my skills to help you out with DIY project and give you the opportunity to get your hand on whatever kind of backpack style, hip pouches, tools cases, electronic device accessories, utility belts, pet gear, cycling gear or anything that you would be interested in for a cheap and friendly price.

I use quality weater repellant materials such as Ballistic and Cordura nylon, truck tarp vinyls and UVR bonded polyester thread for maximum durability. I make extremely resistant products that you will have for a really long period of time, even in the harshest environments such as travelling and squatting the planet by all your favourite transport and living methods.

With all that said, I hope we can share great thoughts and have a great time talking.

I speak mainly French, but always trying to do my best in English.

Send me a private message if interested in a custom order and/or go take a look at my Etsy shop at kinowashop(dot)etsy(dot)com

(Etsy shop currently in construction - more stuff are available in stock than on the Etsy page - just send me a message)


Martin from Kinowa Gear
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!

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