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Oct 18, 2020
Hi everyone, my name is Roger Hart and I am new to StP. Hope to meet fellow travelers and like minded free spirits. I am a full time rubbertramp and media production pro. Would love to create stories for online about people living as free as possible and having adventures. My media career has spanned 30 years as among other things : photojournalist, video producer, new media editor, professor and many other media positions. I love to share my experiences and knowledge, and learn from others. Currently, I am in GA and plan to travel west to AZ and NV area in 2021. I attended the 2017 RTR in Quartzite and learned a lot and had a blast meeting other nomads. I converted a 17 ft ex UHaul boxtruck to a RV and media production rig. I can carry all my media production gear and it serves as a media editing studio and my home. Got all the essentials to travel and create: 1000 watts solar on roof, 9200 BTU AC, diesel heater, 620 ah of AGM batteries, 2000 watt inverter, 60 amp DC to DC charger and fully insulated living/work space. I also love to ride motorcycles and can store my 650 Kawasaki Versys dual sport in a secure chock system in the cargo area. Plan to create web videos for my YouTube channel: nownewmedia
about nomad life, media technology reviews and tell peoples stories and adventures. Welcome all inquiries and hope to make many friends.
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