hey everybody my name rob (1 Viewer)


Mar 19, 2020
Milford, NH
hey everybody my name is rob,i am a 33 year old male from southern new hampshire. i am very interested in travel life,riding the rails and being free. im completely against violence,thievery,criminal behavior and hard drug use. smoking gange and enjoying many different alcoholic beverages w/out allowing it to completely change my character and turn into someboby else is also a very enjoyable sensation. i love music alot of bluegrass and jam bands,i want to be happy and enjoy my life,i want to see the united states from a boxcar with like company. i have never traveled like this and am a greenhorn for sure,im very careful about who i talk too or would even think about going on this adventure with. stp is an amazing site so thank you for you authentic men and woman who take your time to warn other travelers and just share your experiences of succces qnd peace or nightmares and bad dreams come true. if anybody has any advice for a solid guy who truly believes in authentic hobo code please feel free to mention it. If you cant help a traveler dont hurt a traveler. peace,love,safe journeys and thanks to all of you authentic individuals...
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Oct 6, 2018
NW Montana
Live free or die!

You ever make your way to Littleton, NH?

Can you stop farting?

I spent part of my early years living in Keene...

Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing a little about yourself.

This forum is surprisingly welcoming and warm. Fill out your profile, and use the search engine.

Don't troll and don't be an asshole.


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