Hitching during lockdowns (1 Viewer)


Apr 22, 2020
Nor Cal
Yo. Just tried hitching out of Merced, CA for 7 hours. No luck, decided to grab an ultra cheap flight to Sacramento to try my luck around there, or find a place to be. It was outrageously hot today, haha, 104 to be exact. I look pretty clean and neat, have super long hair. My personality is garbage, but people tell me I’m attractive all the time! Throw off a surfer vibe, though I don’t surf (though I would).

Forgive the vanity, or flame me for it, whatever. My point is, I thought I’d have an easier time getting a ride. I had no luck at all. Had a dope sign, was posted right next to a highway at a gas station corner.

Was it Merced? Was it the lockdowns? Was it that people could feel the arrogance coming off me as they drove by?

Anyone else tried hitching recently
near Merced, or Cali, or anywhere? What’s the scoop?

Also, I’m on the side of thinking the lockdowns are overblown and that in general the perception of covid is totally irrational, and the numbers are fudged, and etc etc. So, please save any snark you were loading on that topic.
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Oct 16, 2015
@Bushpig was saying he had plenty of luck pretty recently.

I reckon with the lockdowns gradually calming down, things will normalize rapidly enough.

Yeah maybe it's that people see how gorgeous you are and think "eh, too good to be true"

Try to rub a bunch of mustard on the front of a white t-shirt and rip a couple holes in it ?

I crack myself up, nah, I have never hitchhiked in California but something tells me it's just blown out


Sep 25, 2019
Indianapolis, IN
@Bushpig was saying he had plenty of luck pretty recently.
I've hitched in California in the past, but not since Covid. I don't think it'll be that much different. But I move while hitching. You'll have better luck, and if not, you'll still be making progress. If I'm not up for walking, I post up at a truck stop. Plenty of food and water. And when you do get a ride, it'll be a long-distance one.

I'm currently resting up, but hoping to hit the road going westward later this month. I'll let everyone know how it goes for me, but I don't expect any Covid-related problems. Just the normal difficulties.

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