I do miss the libraries being open.. (1 Viewer)

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Grimy Poe

Apr 23, 2020
Los Angeles
Being a student without access to a library is really taking a toll on me. Only four weeks in my semester, finals are coming up and it's getting tough to find a quiet place to cram.

In do time I suppose though


Nov 25, 2019
Trying to write papers in my busy ass house has been tough. I miss settling down in a quiet corner and laying out all of my sources in front of me!

Deleted member 27861

I closed my account
Trying to write papers in my busy ass house has been tough. I miss settling down in a quiet corner and laying out all of my sources in front of me!

I can attest that the quality of my work in my online class has decreased noticeably after the big university library I used to go to closed.

For some reason, I just can't concentrate for shit in my pop's house. I'll try to focus on work, but then find myself binge-watching YouTube videos and playing games. Then when I try to finally focus, I get bad brain fog for some reason. Then if the brain fog lifts and I can finally focus, my family wants or needs my attention for some reason.

Shit I feel sick and dizzy right now for some odd reason.

The library was a guaranteed interruption-free zone, and somehow, it's easier to focus on my work when I can go at my own pace without fear of disruptions and distractions, I had everything I needed in a neat little bag, and not surrounded by clutter, and I could more easily negotiate with my impulsive self like, "Okay, if you get at least 30 minutes of homework done, you can play a game for an hour."

At home, it might be time to play that game for an hour like I earned, but then something family-wise comes up, and I don't get that break, and I get kind of stressed out and derailed.


Jun 20, 2019
Chicago, IL
Most libraries are still checking out e-books, but you have to have a card. Not the same as a real book and you can’t hang out, but you can still read.

Aaron Adonis

May 3, 2020
I miss it too. Just the atmosphere of libraries is soooo calming! That and there's always things to do there.

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